Garden studio, Annex, Playroom, Studio, Sauna, Office, Holiday home, Shelter … the basic module offers a generous living experience within the smallest space. with a total volume of 25 cbm it is not subject to approval in germany.

On roofs, on fallow land or pontoons, used as a parasite on or inbetween existing buildings and sometimes here and sometimes there. It makes the most of the advantage of having a completely glazed front surface: It creates a visual focus and thus enhances the spatial awareness of its users.

•flexible and adaptable segmental construction
•recyclable building material solid wood - different types possible
•healthy indoor climate due to monolithic wall construction and diffusion-open surface treatment (soap on the inside, black pine tar on the outside)
•generous lighting areas in heat-insulating glazing
can be transported assembled and disassembled
•optionally lockable

Please contact us to find your individual solution.

MATERIALS: wood, glass, modular wall system

MEASUREMENTS: 2m x 3,2m x 3,4m